Audit provides for an examination, and the reporting of, an organisation's performance. Each body must have an external audit, an internal audit process and an audit committee.

Audit Committee

Most Governance Codes and Guidance in the public sector requires that Boards should establish an audit committee to advise on internal controls (including corporate governance) and audit matters. This page will review the requirements around the Audit Committee for State Bodies, Government Departments, Local Authorities and Non-Profit organisations.

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Internal Audit

Internal Audit is part of the management control system in an organisation. It is an internal appraisal service, established by the management of an organisation, which reviews the internal control system

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External Audit

The external audit of non-commercial state bodies in Ireland is carried out by the Comptroller and Auditor General of Ireland (C&AG). Private sector auditors usually audit commercial state bodies

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Committee of Public Accounts

The Committee of Public Accounts (PAC) is established under standing orders of Dáil Éireann. It consists of a chairman, vice-chairman and ten members. From time to time sub-committees (chaired by members of the PAC) are formed

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