Codes & Guidelines

International and National Codes, Guidance and Legislation around Governance

UK Corporate Governance Code

The UK Corporate Governance Code is a very influential document in Ireland, and is the inspiration for many of Ireland's guidance document in governance. Many Irish companies and organisations use this Code to implement best practice governance. On 16 July 2018 the FRC published the updated UK Corporate Governance Code. 

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The Governance Code (for Charities or Non-Profits)

This Code was created to assist community, voluntary and charity (CVC) organisations in developing good governance practices in their organisations.

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Governance Principles & Governance Framework for the Local Government Sector

This is a principle-based framework of Governance for the Local Government Sector in Ireland. The framework provides a clear and comprehensive summary of the principal elements of corporate governance within a local authority context and clarifies governance, legal and other requirements for the benefit of councillors, senior managers, staff, key stakeholders and the wider public.

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Corporate Governance Standard for the Civil Service

The first guidance standard in Governance for the Civil Service. The standard sets out a summary of good governance principles. Department must now document their Governance Framework arrangement and publish them in accordance with the principles set out in this Standard.

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Companies Act 2014

The Companies Act 2014 consolidated the previous 1963-2013 Act but also included some new elements. Significant changes were made in terms of corporate governance in the 2014 Act, in particular around Director Duties, Director's Compliance Statements and the Audit Committee.

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Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies

The Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies 2016 was published by the Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. It provides a framework for the application of best practice in governance for commercial and non-commercial state bodies.

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