Codes Of Conduct

Codes of Conduct are set and agreed by the Board or Governing Body of the organisation. They establish a set of ethical principles and standards of behaviour for the organisation's staff and Board members. Some organisations have one Code for all and others choose to have two Codes, one for staff, and one specifically for its Governing Body members.

Codes of Conduct are there to communicate internally and externally the ethics and values of the organisation, and what behaviour is expected from its staff and members. They often include the rules around conflict of interest, confidentiality, and the values which all Board members must respect. It should be ensured that all are aware of the Code and its content by being shared widely and regularly. The Codes should also be available to the public online.

All Codes should be consistent with the requirements and obligations in the Ethics in Public Office Acts 2001.

In the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies 2016, a framework for a Code of Conduct is included as Appendix C.