Key Governance Themes for 2017

The first presentation by Fintan Swanton, date protection expert and associate specialist of the IPA, talked about the significance of the changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation passed in April 2016 in the European Parliament. He showed the challenges that it could bring to public organisations and stressed the need for the public sector to “up its game”.

Dr Richard Boyle, Head of Research Publishing and Corporate Relations at the IPA gave a presentation on overall public sector trends and its implications. Richard highlighted the emerging trends and issues facing the public sector in Ireland, such as the move towards decentralisation, the increasing use of contracting out to deliver public services and other new forms of service delivery, especially in the digital format.

In the last presentation, Tony Foley, senior lecturer in Economics in DCU, looked at the particular case of Brexit and what it could mean for Ireland and how that might affect the Irish public sector. He emphasised that although not much is known at this point, it is clear that Brexit will have a great impact on Ireland and that the public sector should do everything possible to be ready for the consequences.

To access the presentations, please click on the links below:

Fintan Swanton

Dr Richard Boyle

Tony Foley