Board Effectiveness Reviews - People, Process, Culture and Performance Considerations

This forum event included four speakers who raised several themes around board effectiveness reviews. IPA governance specialist Tom Ward shared his experience of carrying-out board reviews as an external consultant and highlighted key elements necessary to ensure that the process is useful and valuable to the Board. Ariane Allex, another member of the governance team in the IPA, presented some trends and findings from a research project that she is currently undertaking around board evaluations. Julie O'Neill, an experienced non-executive director of many Boards across a wide range of sectors, talked about the different board effectiveness review processes and methods that she has been a part of and what makes for a meaningful evaluation. Neil O'Brien, founder of Time to Fly!, had a discussion with the forum about mental fitness and things we can all do to to strengthen that area.

Please click below to access the presentation slides or notes:

Tom Ward & Ariane Allex

Julie O'Neill

Neil O'Brien