Governance Forum Programme 2022

Promoting Good Governance in the Public Interest

Upcoming Event Dates

  1. Governance Outlook 2022

    27 Jan 2022 11:00–12:30

  2. Cyber & Information Data Security and Challenges

    17 Feb 2022 11:00–12:30

  3. Board Secretaries' Network

    10 Mar 2022 11:00–12:30

  4. Department-Agency/Funded Entity Relationships

    16 Mar 2022 11:00–12:30

  5. Governance Assurance Arrangements

    14 Apr 2022 11:00–12:30

  6. Board Dynamics - Tone, Relationships and Diversity Considerations

    12 May 2022 11:00–12:30

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The Forum programme for 2022 is designed to give enhanced value to Forum members. The benefits for each Forum member include invitations for Board and Committee members, senior executives and staff to a series of highly relevant briefing events, conferences, training and roundtable discussions. The Forum also includes the Chairpersons' Network and a Board Secretaries' Network (run in association with The Chartered Governance Institute), both of which successfully launched in 2019. Members can also receive customised in-house governance advice, board and committee training, related consultancy services and access to advice and support from IPA Governance Specialists.

Membership to the Governance Forum is €4,950 for non-corproate members of the IPA and €4,500 for corporate members.

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Governance Forum Programme

The Governance Forum at the Institute of Public Administration provides advice, training, information and a range of supports on good governance, with a particular emphasis on state, public interest and public benefit organisations. The member organisations of the Forum include state bodies and agencies, regulatory bodies, higher education institutions, government departments, local authorities and not-for-profit organisations.

Since its establishment in 2007, the Forum's services have grown and evolved in response to the needs of the members and in response to governance developments over the years. Recent topics addressed have included governance and culture, cyber security, risk appetite, Board effectiveness, strategy and implementation of various codes of practice and governance standards.

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