Living the Future: Digital, Technology and Cyber Considerations

23 February 2023



The significant pace of change in respect of digital technologies, information technology and cyber continues, and with it comes opportunities as well as threats for modern organisations, including public bodies and public benefit entities. Those charged with managing and governing organisations face a labyrinth of terminology, concepts and issues. 

The purpose of this Forum event is to afford time to this important area, and it aims to demystify some of the digital terminology, untangle key concepts, and acknowledge issues and language, while building members' knowledge and confidence to support, probe and challenge proposals, suggestions, assurances and risks in this area. This will include consideration of the Government's strategy for digital and ICT and consequent expectations, and key issues in respect of modern cyber threats.

The event is intended for those in key governing positions, including board and committee members, senior executives and those keen to build their knowledge of the area.

With the help of three expert speakers, the event will consider matters such as:

Our guest speakers for this event will be:


Barry Lowry

Barry is the Chief Information Officer and Head of Operations at the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), having been appointed in April 2016. He was previously the Director for IT Shared Services and Strategy and Head of the IT Profession within the Northern Ireland Civil Service. Barry is a Fellow of the Irish and British Computer Societies and is a former winner of the BCS Northern Ireland IT Professional of the Year.

Dr Deirdre Bane

Deirdre is a Senior Finance Specialist in the IPA Governance Team, delivering Financial Management, Audit and Internal Control Training and assistance programmes together with consultancy services to various public, state and semi-state bodies, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Previous to her position at the IPA, Deirdre worked in education for over thirteen years as a Lecturer in Finance, teaching Financial and Management Accounting (including Financial Statement Analysis), Corporate Finance and Financial Management (Investment Appraisal), and Economic and Statistics.

Prior to her experience in education, Deirdre spent ten years in the United States, working in the financial services sector (including equity research and asset management). In addition, she worked for an independent consulting practice performing economic impact analysis studies, economic development planning, social research and analysis, and providing strategic planning services to government, non-profit and corporate clients in the United States. 

Matthew Bracken

Matthew is Head of the Information Security and Risk Division at the Central Bank of Ireland, having been appointed in November 2020. Previously, he was Head of Technology Enablement and Security (Western Europe Markets) with Liberty Mutual, and held senior roles with Aviva Europe, SE.