Direction, Strategy & Performance - plotting a path and tracking progress

22 September 2022



To deliver on purpose, mission and mandate,  organisational strategies and distinct business strategies (e.g. HR strategy, Finance strategy, Communications Strategy) play a vital role in forging an agreed and understood path for an organisation over the medium term. These strategies are given life by implementation plans, replete with clear actions or deliverables, timeframes and expected results. Whilst the implementation plan will stand alone in its own right, and form the basis for tracking progress and accountability, significant aspects of the plan may also be reflected in the annual business plan and performance agreements with third parties (e.g. between a state body and its parent department).

Despite this, a recurring theme in governance can be the difficulty in assessing organisational progress and sustaining performance. The challenges can include the quality and extent of reporting, accuracy and integrity of performance data, difficulties in measuring impact, a changing and uncertain operating environment, and the possibly flawed assumptions within the strategy development in the first place.

The purpose of this event is to reflect, with the help of three highly experienced speakers, on this key governance area for boards and senior management . The event will include consideration of:

Our guest speakers are: