Financial Governance, Financial Reports and Information (Training)

23 June 2022



Modern organisations require strong and effective financial management and financial reporting processes, including, inter alia, a sound system of internal control. Despite this, many of those in key positions, be at the Executive level or on the Board or its Committees, do not have a formal financial background, but there is collective responsibility and accountability for the statutory accounts and meeting proper financial management, reporting and disclosure requirements.

This training workshop is designed to support Board and Committee members and senior Executives to understand key concepts, processes and issues in respect of financial management, reporting and systems which support the finance function.

The areas to be addressed in the session will include:

The training will be delivered by two highly experienced finance professionals from the IPA Governance Team.


Dr Deirdre Bane

Deirdre is a Senior Finance Specialist in the IPA Governance Team, delivering Financial Management, Audit and Internal Control Training and assistance programmes together with consultancy services to various public, state and semi-state bodies, charities and not-for-profit organisations. Previous to her position at the IPA, Deirdre worked in education for over thirteen years as a Lecturer in Finance, teaching Financial and Management Accounting (including Financial Statement Analysis), Corporate Finance and Financial Management (Investment Appraisal), and Economic and Statistics.

Prior to her experience in education, Deirdre spent ten years in the United States, working in the financial services sector (including equity research and asset management). In addition, she worked for an independent consulting practice performing economic impact analysis studies, economic development planning, social research and analysis, and providing strategic planning services to government, non-profit and corporate clients in the United States. 

Majella Malone

Majella is a Finance Training Specialist at the Institute of Public Administration and is a member of the IPA Governance and Finance Team. Majella delivers a range of services to public and state bodies and not-for-profit entities in the areas of finance, audit and risk. She is an experienced finance and accounting trainer and lecturer.  Prior to joining the IPA, she was a Lecturer in Accounting and Finance at Dublin Business School.