HR, Talent and Diversity Post-Covid

16 March 2023



The Forum devotes a full event to the area of people given its importance and the opportunities and risks that have arisen in a post-pandemic environment, putting the matter on the agenda of senior teams and boards perhaps more than previously.

In this context, a recurring theme amongst public sector and public benefit entities is difficulties in attracting and retaining talent, which for some is a high rated risk and for others is trending that way. The opportunities arising for talent, including remote and hybrid working, post-covid reflections on work-life balance and wider job options have created challenges for employers. 

One way of helping to address these challenges is building modern workplaces which have a positive, innovative culture, where people are valued and encouraged to contribute and add value. At the senior team and board tables, for example, different views and perspectives are encouraged and everyone believes in the mission and purpose of the organisation. Leaders need to build a positive, innovative culture in a non-traditional environment, with people sometimes in situ in the office place but other times remote working or attending meetings from afar. 

At the same time, there is an onus on boards, senior teams and organisations to do more in respect of diversity and inclusion. Beyond tokenism, focus and progress in this area helps to build more modern, progressive workplaces and governing bodies.

Against this backdrop, and with the help of three expert speakers, the event will consider questions such as:

Our three expert guest speakers for this event comprise:

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Mary Connaughton

Mary is Director of CIPD Ireland and is passionate about developing people and workplaces to be at their best, supporting the development and contribution of the HR profession in Ireland. 

Mary has a wealth of HR experience having most recently headed up HR Development at Ibec, engaging with leading companies on strategic HR and organisational development initiatives along with legislative and policy developments.

Mary is a member of the Board of the Public Appointments Service and has also held a Director position at Graphite HRM, as well as organisation development roles with the Bank of Ireland Life and Emerge Consulting.

Solat Chaudhry

Solat is Group Chief Executive of the Centre for Diversity (UK & Ireland). An ex-Police Officer, he has worked passionately in the field of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion for over 20 years. Working to support victims of discrimination, harassment, and victimisation, he was one of the founders of both the Irish and UK’s Centre for Diversity which have supported hundreds of organisations across all sectors to create positive change.

Solat was the driving force behind the creation of Investors in Diversity, Leaders in Diversity and Masters in Diversity and FREDIE. He is currently working of developing the potentially world changing Inclusivity Intelligence Quotient (IiQ).

Rachael O'Shea

Rachael is Head of Employee Experience at CluneTech (formerly known as Taxback Group). CluneTech is a suite of companies providing industry-leading solutions that simplify global business. With experience in events, communications and marketing, Rachael originally began her career working in radio. Since joining CluneTech in 2018, Rachael’s role has centred around promoting and sustaining the company’s #OneTeam culture and ensuring that CluneTech’s people are offered a first in class employee experience.