Integrated Risk Management [Online]

21 October 2021



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An effective risk management system is recognised as a pillar of good governance. The board have a role in leading and directing, which includes ensuring risks and uncertainties are assessed and managed. A good risk management system facilitates reasoned and reasonable risk taking in delivering on strategy and operations. The obligations and expectations on state and public bodies and public benefit entities in respect of risk management are explicit. There is now plenty of guidance and experience to lean upon. Yet there is still a wide degree of variance between organisations in terms of how well they do risk management, how well it forms part of the day-to-day work of organisations, how embedded it is, and how well it is considered in the context of substantive decision making. As such, successfully integrating risk management is possibly part-mind set and part-process and, as in many key areas, those in governance, leadership and management roles are integral to its success.

This event will explore the objective of integrating risk management in a modern organisation and will do so with the help of three experienced expert speakers. Areas to be explored include:

The three expert speakers for the event will be:

Full speaker bios will be posted shortly.