Latest Forum Updates

Online Forum Webinars - Sept-Dec 2020


The Forum completed its 2020 programme in December, which concluded a busy year of events.

Forum Brochure and Programme for 2021


We are pleased to launch our Brochure and Programme of Events for 2021.

DPER issues new guidance on the COPGSB (2016)


DPER has issued new guidance relating to the State Body Code (2016)

Online Forum Webinars - May-July 2020


The Forum has been busy in recent months, delivering four online webinar events between May and July 2020.

Governance Courses in the new IPA Online Training Prospectus


IPA launches a new Online Training Prospectus

First online Forum webinar - 14 May 2020


Our first online webinar took place on Thursday, 14 May 2020, on the topic of Board Effectiveness.